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Portrait of Lyn Wilder-Dean, taken by Joel Wilder-Dean February 2022.

New Hardware!

I've got a Dell XPS 8930 running Windows 10 now and I'm not afraid to use it!

... For business purposes.

It took a little wrangling but the box can also dual boot Ubuntu. If you are comfortable with me working on your company's project's in a Linux environment, possibly using a virtual machine, that would be my personal preference for security and data privacy purposes. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, consider discussing it with your favorite/trusted person from IT, or doing an afternoon's research online, or shoot me an email asking for more information about it at, I'd be happy to explain in more detail why these are safer options.

If you are of the mindset where you feel you need to be able to monitor/surveil your contractors' Internet usage or keystrokes etc. while on company time, I would probably ask that you provide me with a laptop with the monitoring software. I don't think I would be comfortable with installing that type of product on my company's assets.

If you would feel more comfortable with giving me your business if I were to upgrade to Windows 11, let me know. It seemed like it was kind of "six up, half a dozen down" to me, but I could probably be persuaded to upgrade by an account that was a good fit personality-wise. EAs have to be able to work hand-in-glove with their executive; as I say on my main page, in this line of business, personality goes a long way.


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