Executive Assistant
Virtual Services

Hi, I'm Lyn!  I provide executive assistant services remotely.  I am based out of Oak Park, Illinois, a near suburb of Chicago.  I have an English degree from a Big Ten University, so in addition to standard services such as scheduling/appointment setting and organizing information, I specialize in editing and writing reports.  Because the US workforce has become very politically polarized in the 21st century, I should probably state upfront that I care passionately about the environment (including mitigating the effects of human-driven climate change) and electronic privacy rights; I also take strong stances on human rights issues and enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I generally take clients by referral.  I hope you will take a look at my blog and follow me on LinkedIn.  How can I be of service to you today?

Why Lyn?
Well, personality goes a long way.

  • I'm a deep thinker.  I like to work from home so that I can control my environment and use my free time to introspect.  If you have a complex problem, give me some time and I will puzzle you out a thorough solution using whatever parameters you gave me.

  • I'm also a wild brainstormer.  A lot of deep thinkers have trouble improvising and thinking on their feet.  Not me.  While I prefer to take my time, when the heat is on, I will not only think outside the box, I will throw the box out the window.  This makes me extremely useful at the start of projects.

  • I have an encyclopedic mental archive and can recall details uncannily.  I will be the person you can depend on to remember how to pronounce the vendor's unfamiliar ethnic name, just because twenty-five years ago I found the difference between Sanskrit and Pali fascinating.  Trust me, you never know when this stuff is useful.  Especially when it's spreadsheet data sequences.

  • I get very enthusiastic about learning new things.  This will include learning about your company and projects!  The more quickly I am challenged to learn, the better. You will find my enthusiasm great for your morale.

  • I make deliberate, careful decisions.  If you are looking for a confidential sounding board who is a discreet active listener that can help you think strategically about next steps and angles you haven't previously considered, hands down, I am that person.

  • I have a conscience and I bring it to my work.  I love to live on the frontiers of social justice, stretching myself to bring more people into the open society of the future.